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According to tradition in relying on the Icon to Redemptorists (1866), Pope Pius IX expressed the desire to make it known throughout the world. Since then devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Relief has spread to the world and has become universal. Thousands of copies of the painting have been spread all over the world. The spread of devotion has contributed considerably to Novena Perpetua, born in 1927 in St. Louis (USA).
This Novena is known for its perpetual name because it is celebrated on a fixed day (usually on Wednesdays) of all weeks of the year. During the novena recitation, the faithful present to the Madonna not only their traditional prayers-Romana supplication, but also their letters with supplications and thanksgiving, accompanied by community invocations and meditation on the spiritual life.
The Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Relief is celebrated on 27 June.

The Mother of God is painted in the frontal position with a bust and holds the Child with his left hand, while the right indicates it and gives him the help. In fact, through awareness of his destiny of pain, passion, and death, through the vision of the instruments shown by the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, he takes on both hands with the Mother, with a human gesture in which he shows us his total immersion in our humanity, weakness and fear. The symbol of fear is represented by the left foot sandal. We recall that in the Greek school depictions the following quotation is often quoted: “The one who first made the proclamation to the Virgin now indicates the symbols of the Passion; Christ dressed in a deadly body, fearful of fate, fears seeing these things. »The Child is wrapped in a red mantle covered with golden rays to indicate that He is the eternal (gold) Wisdom (red). He brings the green-water tunic that alludes to the Holy Spirit that he would give to those who would be saved at the price of his passion, meaning the color of the band that girds his chest. On the nimbo (halo) crucifix are written the Greek initials of the name that God gave to Hreb: “I Am Who I Am”.

The iconography

Marian icons never show their hair, symbol of the virtues and beauties of the woman, and are veiled to indicate the total membership of God. The Virgin carries a green-blue veil-cap, symbolizing divine humanity, as well as the tunic. The color of the mantle is obtained by the blend of brown color, which means humility and concealment, and the red symbolizing love. The very covered head alludes to his total submission to the will of the Father. The golden edge that adorns her mantle signifies her regal dignity to which God has raised her by making her Mother of her only Son. The mantle with the lined interior of red lit indicates that you are the seat of Wisdom, but also reminds of the martyrdom of your heart and your passion. The bow formed by the folds of the mantle when drawn under the figure of the Child is pointing to the sky that comes to the earth. The three stars drawn on the head and shoulders of the Mother of God symbolize her virginity before (top), during (right shoulder) and after childbirth (left shoulder). In this case the Child is on the star after giving birth to indicate that he is already a child. The icon’s red rim represents the Blood of Christ poured out for all men. We also note that this type of depiction is designated by the Russians as “Our Lady of the Passion”, the theme is inspired by Simeon’s prophecy, according to which the sword of sorrow will pierce the heart of the Mother.
In the icon of St. Mary of Perpetual Relief, we can contemplate, as in a mirror, the perfect model of the heavenly Father’s merciful glance at the Son, aware of the danger and evil he would have faced and of the inability to overcome him alone.

June 27
Just the Feast

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, intimately participates in the economy of salvation, especially in the mystery of Christ’s Redemption, cooperating with the Son in the salvation of men. As a result it is for all Mother of Perpetual Relief.
An image under this title, according to an ancient tradition, was taken to Rome from the island of Crete towards the end of the 15th century and placed in the church of St. Matthew in Via Merulanadurante the pontificate of Alexander VI. There he was worshiped by the faithful for about three centuries. After that, destroyed the church under the Napoleonic government, that icon disappeared: until, provvidencially found in 1866, it was entrusted to the Redemptorists who, in the interest of the Supreme Pontiff Pius IX, entrusted it to public worship in the Church of the Most Holy Redentor devoted to holy ‘Alfonso.
Since then, the cult of this miraculous image has always been growing among the faithful, and is now widely spread all over the world.

Welcome, O Mother of God, under your mantle,
safe from any danger.
You are our shelter, you are our hope.
Shatter, put aside the assaults
of those who want our damage for our sins.
Driving to the port of salvation, or Beatissima.
Syrian liturgy

Glory is said.

Lord Jesus Christ, whom you gave for your mother,
always ready to help us, your own Mother Mary
(of which we observe the miraculous image),
do that, imploring her maternal help assiduously,
we deserve to enjoy forever the fruit of your redemption.
You are God, and live and reign with God the Father,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
for all ages of centuries.

I will be enmity between you and the woman.

From the Book of Genesis
3, 9-15. 20

After Adam had eaten the tree, the Lord God called the man and said, “Where are you?” He replied, “I heard your step in the garden: I was afraid, because I’m naked, and I’m hiding.”
He replied, “Who told you you were naked? Did you eat the tree I commanded you to not eat? ”
The man replied: “The woman you set me beside me gave me the tree and I have eaten it.” The Lord God said to the woman, “What have you done?” The woman replied: “The snake has deceived me and I have eaten.”
Then the Lord God said to the serpent:
“Because you did this,
be thou cursed above all livestock
and more than all the wild beasts;
you will walk on your belly and you will eat dust
for all the days of your life.
I will put enmity between you and the woman,
between your race and its lineage:
this will crush your head
and you will put on the heel. ”
The man called his wife Eve, for she was the mother of all the living.

God’s word.

from Psalm 70

In my anguish help me, Lord.

In my refuge, O Lord,
that I should not be confused forever.
Free me, defend me for your justice,
listen and listen to me. R.

Be for me defense cliff,
inaccessible bastion,
for you are my refuge and my fortress. R.

My God, save me from the hands of the example,
you are my hope,
my confidence since my youth. R.

O God, do not stay away:
My God, come soon to my help. R.

Where the celebration is celebrated as SOLENNITY, the second reading is proclaimed

There was a great sign in the sky.

From the book of the Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle
12, 1-6.10

A magnificent sign appeared in the sky: a woman dressed in the sun, with the moon beneath her feet and on her head a crown with twelve stars. She was pregnant and screaming for the pain and the labor of childbirth.
Then another sign appeared in the sky: a huge red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven tiara heads; her tail dragged down a third of the sky stars and crashed on the ground.
The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth to devour the newly born baby. She gave birth to a male son, destined to govern all nations with iron scepter, and the son was immediately abducted to God and to his throne. The woman instead fled into the desert, where God had prepared her for a shelter for having been nourished for one hundred and sixty-six days.
Then I heard a great voice in heaven saying,
“Now it’s done
the salvation, the strength and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ,
for the accuser of our brethren has fallen,
the one who accused them of our God day and night. ”

God’s word.

Jn 19, 25

1. Alleluia, alleluia.
Near his cross Jesus was his mother.
And Jesus said unto the disciple, Behold thy Mother!
1. Alleluia.

Here is your son! Here’s your mother!

From the gospel according to John
19, 25-27

At that time, they stood near the cross of Jesus his mother, the sister of her mother, Mary of Cleofa, and Mary of Magdala.
Jesus then, seeing his mother and next to her, the disciple he loved, she said to her mother, “Woman, here is your son!”
Then he said to the disciple, “Here is your mother!”
And from that moment the disciple took her into her house.

Word of the Lord.


Let us turn to the Lord our supplications, entrusting them to the intercession of Mary, Mother of Perpetual Assistance.

1. R. By Mary’s intercession for help, Lord.

– For the Church, because, in the example of Mary, know how to work for all the children who are dispersed in the world, generating them in the faith and gathering them in unity, pray. R.
– For all Christians, why, like Mary, seek first of all the will of God and experience his protection at the time of the trial, we pray. R.
– For our confreres who suffer because of the Gospel, because with the help of the Virgin Mary, they can gather into joy what they have sown in patience and in love, pray. R.
– For the sick, for the sunny and angry people, for Mary to find help and comfort in bringing the cross of suffering without falling into hope, we pray. R.
– For all of us, because, aware of our dignity as children of light, we live as Mary in the service of grace, offering prayer and life with a cult in spirit and truth, pray. R.

Stretch, Lord, thy merciful hand upon thy people whom thou lovest; listen in our favor to the voice of those who obeyed you with free faith and that you exalted above every creature. For Christ our Lord. Amen.

For your clemency, O Lord,
and for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary,
give this offer to our prosperity and our peace
in present and future life.
For Christ our Lord.

Mary model and mother of the Church.

1. The Lord be with you.
2. R. And with your spirit.
3. V. Up our hearts.
4. They are addressed to the Lord.
5. Let us thank the Lord our God.
6. It’s a good and just thing.

it’s really right to thank you, *
it is great to exalt your name, *
Holy Father, * almighty God and eternal. **
We praise you, we bless you, *
we glorify you, *
in the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary. **
At the angel’s announcement, he welcomed your verb in your immaculate heart *
and deserved to conceive it in the virginal womb; *
becoming the mother of his Creator,
marked the beginnings of the Church. **
At the foot of the cross, *
for the will of your Son,
extended her maternity to all men, *
generated by the death of Christ
for a life that will never end. **
Image and model of the Praying Church, *

he joined the prayer of the Apostles *
waiting for the Holy Spirit. **
Hired to the glory of heaven, *
accompany the Church with Motherly Love *
and protects her on the path to her homeland,
until the glorious day of the Lord. **
And US, *
united with angels and saints, *
we sing with joy * the hymn of your praise: **

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of the universe.
The heavens and the earth are full of your glory.
Hail it in the high heavens.
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
Hail it in the high heavens.

ANTIFON TO THE COMMUNION Santa Maria, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

He rescues us, Lord, with his holy intercession
the Immaculate and Ever Virgin Mary, Your Mother,
so that I may be filled with grace
and free from all dangers,
we live together in peace.
You who live and reign forever and ever.
June 27
Liturgy of the Hours

Office of Letters
Ant. Saint Mary, Virgin Mother of God and Mother of Perpetual Help, intercede for us.
Psalm inviting as in the Ordinary


From Your Celestial Throne,
Mary, turn to us
pity your eyes
for once.

And if pity the core
then you do not feel,
if we are happy
that you do not look at me anymore.

He gloats and knocks
We are with your Lord;
it aims for its beautiful core
with us deceiving is.

But if you want to put it down,
just your word,
beautiful Maria, you alone
you can forgive us.

O our dear Mother,
if you want to save us, tell him
only that we are your children,
that He will have pity on him.

For so many faults, it is true
we are no longer worthy of us
to be more your children,
but you are still Mother.

Open that nice mantle,
where without fear
starem, if with love
Mother, we welcome you.

O sweet and dear Mother,
listen to who calls you,
save, O Mary, who I am,
and so trust in you.
(S. Alfonso)

First reading

From the letter to the Colossians of St. Paul Apostle 1, 12-23

By means of Christ, the Father has reconciled all things to himself

Brothers, thankfully thanking the Father who has enabled us to participate in the fate of the saints in the light. In fact, he has freed us from the power of darkness and has moved us into the realm of his beloved Son, through whom we have redemption, remission of sins. He is the image of the invisible God, created before every creature; for through Him all things have been created, those in the heavens and those on earth, those visible and invisible: Trunks, Dominions, Principals, and Potions. All things were created through him and in view of him. He is before all things and they all exist in him. He is also the head of the body, that is, of the Church; the principle, the firstborn of those who rise from the dead, to get the primacy on all things. For it pleased God to make all abundance dwell in him, and by means of him reconcile all things to him, by rendering to the blood of his cross, that is, through him, things that are on earth and those in heaven.
And you, once strangers and enemies with the mind of the evil works you did, now he has reconciled you by the death of his body of flesh, to present you holy, immaculate and irreproachable to him: provided you remain well-grounded and hold fast in the faith, and do not let it depart from the promised hope in the gospel you have heard, which has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven.

Responsory See Gal. 4: 4-5; Eph 2: 4; Rm 8.3

1. R) Behold, the fulness of time has come, in which God sent His Son on the earth, born of the Virgin born under the law: * to redeem those who were under the law.
2. V) With the great love with which the Lord has loved us, he sent his Son into a flesh similar to that of sin.
3. R) to redeem those who were under the law.

Second reading

From the “Glories of Mary” by St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, bishop
(Ascetic works, vol. VI, The glories of Mary, I, IV, par. 1, Rome 1936, 132-142 passim)

We used to be exiled children of Eve

Poor to us, being the children of the unhappy Eve, and therefore, with God of his own guilty and condemned punishment, we go to this valley of tears, exiled from our homeland, crying afflicted by so much pain in the body and in the spirit ! Blessed is the one who among these miseries often turns to the consoler of the world, to the refuge of the wicked, to the great Mother of God, and devotee calls her and prays!
The Holy Church teaches us our children with the utmost attention and confidence we need to make continuous use of this our loving protector, ordering that her worship is special to her. This is for Mary seeking us, to be always invoked and demanded, not for begging for these treats and honors, which are already too weak to its merit, but so that, in the growing of our confidence and divination, we can best assist and console us.
She can not disagree with God’s use of mercy, for the Lord is willing to raise up those who ask him for help, being too faithful to the promise he has made us-ask and you will get; so Mary, when invoked, immediately becomes ready to help those who pray.

Neither the multitude of our sins ought to diminish the confidence of being overwhelmed by Mary when we reclose at her feet. She is the mother of mercy, and mercy finds no place if she does not find miserable things to raise. In fact, this Mother does not despise the sinner, as a good mother, her bare son. For this reason, she was a mother of mercy. For where there is no misery, there is no mercy.
There is so much the pity that has this good Mother for us, and so much is the love that brings us, who does not expect our prayers to help us. Sant’Anselmo applies Mary to the words of Wisdom, and says that she is helping to help those who wish her protection. By this we must understand that she owes many thanks from God before we pray her. Says Riccardo di San Vittore: Your breasts are so full of mercy, that just know the misery of somebody, still of mercy milk. Nor can you know the misery and not help.
And if ever there was any doubt that Mary would not be helped by her, so did Innocent III reclaim it: Who ever, or blessed, is using your great patronage, and has you left abandoned? No, this case never happened or never will happen. The same says the blessed Eutichian.
Tell each one, therefore, with great confidence, invoking this Mother of Mercy, as St. Augustine said to her: Remember, or very pious lady, who has never understood it since it was the world that any one has been abandoned to you. And so forgive me, if I tell you that I do not want to be this first wretch, that by using you you must be abandoned by you.


1. R) Blessed are you, holy Virgin Mary, worthy of all praise: * From you is born the sun of righteousness, Christ savior.
2. V) We celebrate your party with joy, Virgin Mary;
3. R) You have been born of the sun of righteousness, Christ savior.

Hymn Te Deum as in Ordinary


Lord Jesus Christ, whom you have given for your mother, always ready to help us, your own Mother Mary, for whom we venerate the miraculous image, do that, imploring her maternal help assiduously, we deserve to enjoy forever the fruit of your redemption. You are God, and live and reign with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, for all ages of ages.

Morning suits


Praised, or valleys, or mountains,
meadows, herbs, rivers and springs,
the most beautiful Verginella,
what the Creator did.

Ruscelletti, murmuring
and wish you singing
to your great queen
even you on fairies.

Say also: O Virgin,
or Mary, how beautiful you are!
Be praised and blessed
that great God who created you.

You are alone for love,
what arde your beautiful core:
and six moons shining
of heavenly purity.

You are pink, lily and flower,
which for all smells.
You have no stain, no defect,
all you’re amazed are you.

What makes you more welcome
to that god who is your life
is to see you so beautiful
and so full of humility.

Dear God, beautiful Mary,
sweet to us, clement and pious,
for what is your beautiful Son,
you have pity on us.
(S. Alfonso)


Vocáta dulci nómine
fons iúgos adiutórii,
María, nobis iúgiter
succúrre mater fíliis.

Succulent, and so on
viam salútis prósequi:
firma labán, ádmove
haeréntibus calcária.

Succursare, come quod ímminet
discrímen ipsi córpori:
aegris, egénis, fléntibus
opem minister pròvidam.

Next tandem fíliis
cum death colluctántibus:
fac certa sit victoria
certúmque caeli práemium.

Iesu, tibi sit glory,
here natus es de Vírgine,
cum Patre et almo Spíritu,
in a sempitre cuff. Amen.

Ant. to Ben. Queen of the world, Immaculate Mary, who created Christ the Lord, savior of all, intercede for our peace and salvation.


Lord Jesus Christ, whom you have given for your mother, always ready to help us, your own Mother Mary, for whom we venerate the miraculous image, do that, imploring her maternal help assiduously, we deserve to enjoy forever the fruit of your redemption. You are God, and live and reign with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, for all ages of ages.



O my Beautiful Hope,
sweet my love, Mary,
you are my life,
my peace is you.

When I call you, or I think
to you, Maria, I feel
so glad and contented,
who kidnaps me.

If you ever thought harassed
comes to turbate the mind,
she flees to what she feels
your name is calling.

In this world’s moon
you are the star friend,
that you can the ship
of my salvage.

Below your beautiful mantle,
my beloved lady,
living I want, and still
I hope to die a day.

What if it touches me in sorrow
end my life
loving you, Mary,
I still touch the sky.

Stretch your chains
and engulfs the core,
as a prisoner of love
faithful to you.

So my cor, Mary,
it is yours, it is no longer mine;
take it and give it to God,
that I do not want it anymore.
(S. Alfonso)


O Dei Matris Rádians image,
Créticae quondam veneráta genti,
great nunc Romae decus, Esquilíni
glory collis.

Díxeras, Virgo: “Mea sistat icon
inter et templum, which is in Urbe legi
maius, et quae sunt Laterána tecta
sacra Ioánni “.

As in Alfonsi, Pia Mater, aedem
spont venísti, míseris ut esses
perpi Adiútrix: ita te locútam,
apple, docemur.

Nec temen soli pópulo Quirítum
prompta succúrris: simul univérso
súbvenis orbi, your quem repl
dulcis imágo.

Quos enim nipple malicious malware
urget, hoc umbrian récreas medéla;
quidquid oramus, your lassa numquam
dextra minster.

Laus sit aetérnae Triad, my parench
quae dedit nobis ádeo benígnam,
nomen ut vervet sit adored by Matris
usque iuvántis. Amen.

Ant. We rely on your protection, holy Mother of God; Do not despise our prayers in necessities, but always free from every danger, glorious and blessed Virgin.
Lord Jesus Christ, whom you have given for your mother, always ready to help us, your own Mother Mary, for whom we venerate the miraculous image, do that, imploring her maternal help assiduously, we deserve to enjoy forever the fruit of your redemption. You are God, and live and reign with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, for all ages of ages.