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Liturgy And Prayers

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, intimately participates in the economy of salvation, especially in the mystery of Christ’s Redemption, cooperating with the Son in the salvation of men. As a result, it is for all Mother of Perpetual Assistance.

An image under this title, according to an ancient tradition, was taken to Rome from the island of Crete towards the end of the 15th century and placed in the church of S. Matteo in Via Merulana during the pontificate of Alexander VI. There he was worshiped by the faithful for about three centuries. Later he destroyed the church under the Napoleonic government, even that icon disappeared: until, provvidencially found in 1866, he was entrusted to the Redemptorists by the interest of the Supreme Pontiff Pius IX, who exposed him to public worship in the Church of the Most Holy Redentor dedicated to holy ‘Alfonso.

Since then, the cult of this miraculous image has always been growing among the faithful, and is now widely spread all over the world.