Architecture The church was built between 1855 and 1859 on the design of Scottish architect George Wigley. It is one of the rare examples of Neo-Gothic style in Rome. The Armellini gives a negative opinion: "The architecture of the church is rather ostrogothic than Gothic" (op. Cit., 813). It is one of the last [...]



Spirituality The Mother of God is painted in a half-bit front position and holds the Child with his left hand, while the right indicates it and gives it the help. In fact, through awareness of his destiny of pain, passion, and death, through the vision of the instruments shown by the Archangels Michael and [...]



Devotion   According to tradition in relying on the Icon to Redemptorists (1866), Pope Pius IX expressed the desire to make it known throughout the world. Since then devotion to the Mother of Perpetual Relief has spread to the world and has become universal. Thousands of copies of the painting have been spread all [...]

Multiethnic Shrine – Various Communities


Cardinal Vincent Gerard Nichols, Metropolitan Archbishop of Westminster (Great Britain), was born in Crosby in the Archdiocese of Liverpool on November 8, 1945 by Henry Joseph and Mary Russell. After attending the primary schools of Saint Peter and Paul parish and Saint Mary's College in the native town of Lancashire, in 1963, he moved [...]